Water features, rock walls and landscaping

Waterscapes specializes in the design and construction of medium to large waterfalls and streams with water flow rates that typically exceed 700 gallons per minute.  Our largest waterfall system flows at 4000 gallons per minute.

We are skilled at positioning water features on the property to create the illusion that it is naturally-occurring.  By manipulating the landscape we establish a backdrop for our waterfalls and streams and then create natural looking transitions into the adjacent landscaping or native habitat.  Our customers regularly receive comments about how difficult it must have been to build around all of the waterfalls and streams (our favorite comments). 

Rock walls and outcrops accented by landscape plantings can dramatically change the appearance of an otherwise ordinary landscape.  Waterscapes utilizes a variety of limestone and sandstone products to create the look our clients desire.  The landscaping plants we typically select are larger and more expensive than what is used by most landscapers, but we are looking for that immediate impact and naturally-occurring appearance.     

Golf courses, commercial properties, residential communities, and the occasional discriminating homeowner are our primary clients.