Wildlife habitat designs and construction

The local hunters said "It's never been a good waterfowl property."            Even we didn't expect to see this scene "every year."       

Let us build something for you.

Waterscapes has created outstanding whitetail deer and waterfowl hunting on properties previously thought to have only marginal-at-best hunting value.  This photograph is a perfect example of the old adage "build it and they will come."  We designed and built 25 acres of what we call "flood and shoot" impoundments on this property and added 10 acres of ponds in three locations for resting areas.  In addition, we built 3 below ground goose pits and several duck blinds.  See for yourself, the results were dramatic.

Nothing compares to having the best hunts of your life on your own property.  Imagine saying this to your friends, "Wait Don't Shoot"  because there's a flock of 500 ducks landing in your decoys and you don't want to spook that many birds to finish out your limit.